Wednesday, 2/27/2019, 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

The Smart Textile Ecosystem

While smart textile provides the opportunity for high value-added textile products, it can include entering into a complex ecosystem. In this session, you will hear from smart textile companies at various sizes (startup to large companies) in how they engage with their ecosystem. 
Subject to change without notice
  • Moderator: Associate Professor, 2016 NC State University Outstanding Extension Service Award Recipient, North Carolina State University

    Professor Jur’s research targets the development of materials processing methods for nanoscale inorganic integration with polymer-based materials, including nonwoven textiles. Applications for his research include new electronic textiles that respond to chemical, photo and mechanical environmental changes, as well as the enhancement of the mechanical and thermal stability of modified fiber systems. He has the following degrees: Post Doctoral Associate, Materials Science and Engineering from North Carolina State University; Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering from North Carolina State University; M.S., Chemical Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University; B.S., Chemical Engineering from The University of South Carolina.

  • Speaker: Textile Design Engineer, Flex
  • Speaker: CEO, Supreme Corporation, VOLT Smart Yarns
  • Speaker: Co-Founder, Dream Catcher Innovation Labs
  • Speaker: Mechanical Development Senior Engineer, Flex