Friday, 8/10/2018, 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Critical Thinking Diagnostic Strategies

This seminar will cover how to sharpening your diagnostic skills, knowing where to find first place to start, setting up a diagnostic game plan, using strategy based diagnostics and diagnostic routines, using PCM strategies and Enabling Criteria. This seminar has information on, batteries including coding and reprogramming, patristic draw, voltage drop, engine testing including relative compression, gas analysis, fuel flow testing, fuel trim, current ramping, PCM testing, pressure transduces, reprogramming, new way to test EVAP and much more.
Subject to change without notice
  • ʺG” has over 44 years’ experience in the automotive field as a technician, service manager, shop owner and automotive instructor. Recognized by the US EPA as one of the foremost OBD II experts, technicians and trainers in the country. He has achieved ASE World Class, Triple Master Certification in Auto, Truck, School Bus, L1, L3, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Under‐car Technician. Author of numerous books and articles, Motor Age magazine contributor,along with hosting many YouTube videos ʺG” brings the real world shop experience to his seminars.