Thursday, 8/9/2018, 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Owners...What should you expect from QuickBooks

Today business is fast paced, but it is critical to have the proper information to run your business as well. QuickBooks is the most popular accounting system used in the Automotive Industry, but are you getting what you really need that is accurate, timely, and understandable? This 60 minute program will discuss what to expect from QuickBooks and options to get you there.
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  • Speaker: President, AEII

    Tony Passwater, President of AEII, has been in the services industry full time since 1972. AEII is a leading international consulting, training, and system development organization specializing primarily in for-profit service businesses, and not-profits including associations and religious organizations.  

    Tony has been a certified QuickBooks Advisor, Trainer, and Consultant since 1999. He is certified in all QuickBooks versions since 1999. AEII provides QuickBooks support and training through its QuickBooks R Us brand at  

    Tony Passwater can be contacted at: (317) 290-0611x401, e-mail at, or through the website at:

    Additional Background Coming from a family involved in car repair since the 1940’s has given Tony an in-depth understanding of the service Industry. Being involved directly as a Technician, Manager, and Owner started in 1972 in Indianapolis in the family owned business. This involvement within the Industry has included holding many industry positions including the President of the Independent Garage Owners of Indianapolis, I-CAR District and State Chairman, and Chairman of the Indiana Apprenticeship Committee.  

    Tony has given hundreds of presentations to a number of organizations and taught thousands of students throughout the World. His presentations have included technical, informational, financial, management, and motivational workshops. He has spoken to many industry groups including Adjuster Associations, Allstate, Aetna and State Farm Insurance Companies, as well as Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, California, Massachusetts, and Minnesota State Collision Groups. He has also spoken to Technical Training and Education Groups, along with Consumer groups including the local Lions and Rotary Clubs. He has also spoken internationally in many countries including Malaysia, Trinidad, China, South Korea, Canada, and Australia.

    He is always available to provide anyone with the highest quality and service available. He believes success is a journey and not a destination… and the future of our success is based on the partnerships we establish together so the journey is not necessarily alone.