Friday, 8/10/2018, 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Visually Managed Collision Repair

 “Connecting the Dots between High-Minded Lean Concepts and Real-World Results” Change in our industry today is accelerating, and so must the development of people, operations, and processes. Tactically Lean is for those collision repair operators, owners, and managers who understand that being successful moving forward will demand a great deal more than just business as usual. It will demand accelerated development and a desire to strengthen their operation skills and the skills of their teams. 

Learn how to:
• Implement Lean process without Disruption to their Business
• Develop practical SOP and Lean process for their Business
• Produce Predictable & Consistent Work Flow in their Business
• Set Business performance goals & Accountabilities
• Reduce Delays & Improve Production Cycle Times  
• Improve Customer & Employee Satisfaction
Subject to change without notice
  • Speaker:

    Lee V. Rush has over 26 years experience managing collision centers, independents, dealers, and MSO’s with Regional and National Management Roles with National Collision Repair Companies and extensive expertise in business center expansion through various start-ups, Greenfields, Brownfields, and Acquisitions. Lee’s expertise in business center expansion through Lean and Process-Driven Operations and recruiting, training, technical, sales, and managerial areas of the Collision Industry, has given him insights into the challenges facing today’s operators. Lee has authored articles for ABRN, BodyShop Business, Collision Repair Insight, Fender Bender, Fixed Ops and has been a Conference Speaker for SEMA, SCRS, Coyote Vision Group, NAPA Expo, Northeast Trade Show. Lee has also enjoyed years of intensive training in leadership skills in the United States Marine Corps.