Friday, 8/10/2018, 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Understanding Control Area Network (CAN)

Communications have been essential from the beginning of history. In the modern vehicle communications are vital in order to control the on board systems within the vehicle. The first electrical data communications was Morse Code, where on-off signals were timed to provide information that would be sent on a wire. This basic idea of on (high) - off (low) signals is still the main way on board vehicle communications send and receive communications. This class will cover how the Control Area Network (CAN) works, how to diagnose the CAN system, and how to properly repair bus problems. With many real world case studies you will learn how to quickly diagnose this advanced communication system where it counts, in your service bays.
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  • Speaker: Automotive Test Solutions (ATS)

    Bernie Thompson is the owner of Automotive Test Solutions (ATS) with business partner Neal Pederson. Automotive Test Solutions was established in 2000 and has become a world leader in innovative automotive test equipment. Bernie holds over 25 patents on vehicle tools and design. During the research and development of ATS equipment Bernie has developed a deep understanding of vehicle systems. Realizing the need for better education in his field, Bernie developed an advanced training curriculum for the automotive industry. In addition to publishing articles in Motor Magazine, Motor Age, and Professional Tool & Equipment, Bernie has presented workshops at automotive conferences including, ASA Vision, Automechanika, ATE, TST, WTI, NACAT, CATS, AVI, and CARS. Together, Bernie and Neal have released patented and proven technologies that have been recognized by Motor Magazine's prestigious “Top 20 Tool Awards”, Professional Tool & Equipment “Tool Innovation Award”, Undercar Digest “Top 10 Tool Award”, TST’s “Top 10 Tool Award”, and Tech Shop’s “Top 5 Tool Award”. Bernie is looking forward to sharing his dynamic ideas on automotive electronics, ideas you can use daily in your service bay.