Thursday, 8/9/2018, 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

"Employees, Your Future Depends on Them! (Finding and Keeping the Right People) "

The future of your business depends on having people to perform the work and serve the customer. Are you up for the challenge of finding and training employees to ensure the future success of your company? Stop wondering who will do the work.

With the right approach you can find and develop talented people with a desire to stay. Gain an understanding of the characteristics and values the next generation of employees will bring to the job. Learn the seven questions employees ask themselves when evaluating their job satisfaction. Influence employee’s attitude towards their work when you provide an environment that includes competitive wages, effective management, training, empowerment, recognition, and a balance of challenges and opportunity. Before you know it you have developed the talent for the future of your company. The right employees are your competitive advantage.
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  • Speaker: Haas Performance Consulting

    Bill Haas has more than 40 years of automotive repair industry experience. Beyond his experience he brings his passion for the industry to customers. Seminar attendees and consulting clients benefit from his in-depth knowledge of the industry, unique perspectives and solution based focus to meeting the challenges shop owners and managers continually face.  

    During his career, Haas has worked as a technician in a new car dealership and in several independent shops, as well as a shop manager, parts counter professional, shop owner, technical trainer and executive with the Automotive Service Association.   

    He is an Accredited Automotive Manager (AAM) and has been a member of the Automotive Management Institute (AMI) faculty since 2002.