Thursday, 8/9/2018, 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Essential Diagnostic Steps for Driveability and Electrical Issues

This is a critical thinking or logical approach class to address many of the issues that face techs every day; working on systems that are new to them or that they have little or no experience diagnosing. The course is a mix of critical thinking, theory, diagnostic testing methods, tooling and real world case studies. Four areas will be addressed: mechanical testing, fuel trim diagnostics, ignition testing and network communication issues. Graphing scan data, archiving data and other useful diagnostic software will be discussed. Lots of real world, not so forward case studies will be used to illustrate these processes and techniques.

     • See how you can diagnose each type of problem with basic tools and high tech tools.

     • Learn how to figure out what to do next in your diagnostic process.

     • See what your results should be and where to go next.

     • See a quick review of the “Flatrater” test drive and how to gather information.
Subject to change without notice
  • Speaker: EZ Diagnostic Solutions

    Eric Ziegler is the owner of EZ Diagnostic Solutions, a mobile business specializing in module programming, driveability diagnostics and electrical/networking issues. EZ Diagnostic Solutions offers services in the Peoria Illinois area. Eric has over 30 years of industry technical experience. Eric also teaches for Automotive Seminars, Inc. and has also trained technicians around the country. Eric joined The Driveability Guys training team in 2012. Eric is also an ASE L1 Master Tech with A9 diesel and MD truck certifications. Eric also has L1, L2 and L3 designations.