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Prime Channel sponsored by ROM Technik Digitalisierung und Smart Buildings
14:00 — 14:30
30. Juni '21

Go digital - now! Gain insights from a „global“ study, what technologies will drive the future of Facility Management and what skill sets will be needed to survive!

Digitalization ist not only dramatically changing core business processes in companies and organisations (e.g. industrial production) but also supporting service processes such as the provision of workplaces as well as user-centric or building related facility service processes.

However, it is not only necessary to understand “how” digitalization will influence our work, but also the „what“. History reveals, that the time span from technological development to market penetration can be unexpectedly long. Not every technological hype will neccessarily lead to a broad application. This raises the question – will every currently discussed digital technology revolutionise the Facility Management industry at all, or which ones are expected to have an early impact and which ones will follow over time?

In this presentation you will gain insights from an international study that, reveals the current status of dissemination and maturity of “digital” technologies in Facility Management and what are the most important technologies to affect FM in the coming years. Additionally, necessary skill sets of future FM professionals to master the digtal transformation will be derived from those results.

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