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1:00 — 1:30 PM
May 4 '21

Power module related “Total Material Solutions” for Next Generation Automotive applications

The automotive industry is transforming in an unpredictable rate with the rise of connected and Electrified automotive technologies.

Around the globe Automotive OEM’s and their component suppliers are facing drastic change in the value chain to enhance the performance and efficiency in powertrain systems.

Future automotive power devices require different features from current electronic devices such as heat resistance, insulation, heat conduction and longlasting functionality.

Materials play a key role in the performance and reliability of these advanced power devices.

Showa Denko, a company highly evaluated by many customers with leading product development capabilities is offering total material solutions for the next generation automotive power module applications.

The strength of Showa Denko Group in material design & analysis combining with Showa Denko Materials functional design capabilities and process technology will create a one stop solution to customers targeting to solve all types of challenges in the power device development.

Showa Denko is offering a broad material portfolio in the power module assembly and manufacturing to meet the new needs of the automotive market.

Being a reliable partner to Automotive OEM’s and suppliers our mission is to co-develop innovative material solutions for the power electronics industry.Our customers not only benefit from our comprehensive materials portfolio but also from our power device development centre assuring that their cutting edge technology can further advance to higher efficiency applications.

Rajesh Pendanam, General Manager, Marketing at Showa Denko Materials will present in this webinar the one stop material solution and packaging solution centre Showa Denko has to offer.

The first part of the presentation will cover the market trend. In the second part the total material solutions of Showa Denko is explained which will cover broadly materials such as SiC Epitaxy wafer, Cu sintering paste and Molding compounds in addition to other heat resistant and high thermal conductive materials.

The third part of the presentation a case study of a combination of materials is highlighting the benefits of it as well as a potential optimization of the packaging structure.

Through this webinar the audience can expect a comprehensive overview of the emerging material needs and innovative total solution Showa Denko has to offer towards modern and reliable power electronic devices.

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