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2:00 — 2:30 PM
May 4 '21

ON Semiconductor Solutions for Off-Board EV-Charging

With the increasing demand for the electrification of cars, the need for supporting infrastructure is also rising. The EV-Charging industry is experiencing a boom with rapid evolution in terms of requirements and solutions. Increasing efficiency requirements and the need for faster charging times spurs manufacturers toward more complex topologies or utilizing more efficient technologies like SiC.

ON Semiconductor provides a wide range of products covering all stages in an EV-Charger, from the core power products to protection, monitoring, or connectivity devices. Also, we provide customers with a series of support tools to facilitate the design and shorten the time to market.

During this webinar, we offer an offer of the ON Semiconductor ecosystem for EV-Charging design, from product offering to support tools. Starting with the topologies and products for the input PFC and output DC/DC stages with a special mention to our SiC offering, we then highlight some of the key products around the power block. Finally, we introduce our new 25 kW reference board for EV-C and all the collateral generated around this design.  

Guillem Gargallo

Product Marketing Manager EMEA, Power Solutions Group, Industrial

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