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9:55 — 10:10 AM
May 4 '21

Often Neglected and yet Immensely Important – Electrical Connection Technology for Energy Storage Systems

When designers and researchers of energy storage systems meet, they usually discuss about raw materials, cell chemistry, system architecture and safety, market prospects, costs and prices. One of the major important components in battery systems is overlooked quite often – the connectors. May it be the large power connector at the front or rear of the battery module or the small print terminal on the PCB of the battery management system or the data connector for system communication. But if these unimpressive parts do not work properly, it may cause efficiency losses in the best case and system failures or even fire disasters in the worst! We will identify the different locations of connection technology and will describe the function and the alternative options of how to connect power, signal and data in energy storage systems. The pros and cons of screwing, plugging, clamping and other connection technologies will be pointed out.

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