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3:30 — 4:00 PM
May 4 '21

Integrated SiC-power-module on ceramic heat sink

The use of ceramic heat sinks in SiC power modules offers significant advantages in terms of thermal and electrical performance as well as power density compared to conventional power module designs. In the area of thermal management, CeramTec is developing ceramic coolers with applied metallisation that enable the semiconductor devices to be placed directly on the ceramic cooler (chip-on-heatsink), thus making the best possible use of the SiC - devices.

High-performance ceramics offer several advantages over conventional materials such as metals and plastics. They are resistant to temperature changes, corrosion and chemicals. In addition, they are characterised by special thermal conductivity and electrical insulation as well as strength and good tribological properties. High-performance ceramic solutions are thus versatile in e-mobility.

An integrated SiC power module based on Ceramtec chip-on-heatsink technology is the focus of the presentation. The ceramic heat sink is a fluid channel, cooling structure and circuit carrier in one component, which leads to a significant increase in power density. The design of the ceramic heat sink enables optimised heat dissipation of the SiC semiconductors on the upper side of the heat sink, while on the lower side of the heat sink the DC link capacitor is integrated with low inductance into the power module via metallisation surrounding the cooler.

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