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4:00 — 4:30 PM
May 4 '21

How the transition to silicon carbide power modules requires optimized gate driver and thermal solutions to fully leverage the efficiency and power density benefits

Richardson RFPD, an Arrow company, brings together industry leaders Wolfspeed, Analog Devices and Wieland Microcool for a panel discussion addressing the design considerations when transitioning a design from silicon IGBTs to silicon carbide. With a focus on silicon carbide modules, the group will highlight how Wolfspeed’s XM3 and WolfPACK™ silicon carbide modules achieve the power density and increased efficiency requirements of a wide number of applications. ADI tackles the unique challenges of driving the faster-switching SiC modules, while Wieland Microcool answers questions relative to thermal performance in increasingly compact designs. 

Ty McNutt

Wolfspeed, Director of Business Development for Power Modules

Eric Benedict

Analog Devices, Senior Applications Engineer

Matt Reeves

Wieland Microcool, Principal Engineer

Simon Tomkins

Richardson RFPD, Senior Engineer – Energy & Power

Peter Dietrich

Richardson RFPD, Senior Engineer – Energy & Power

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