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10:50 — 11:20 AM
May 4 '21

High Voltage Auxiliary Applications in the xEV Car: Performing and Compact Module Solutions from ON Semiconductor

The global electric vehicle market is rapidly evolving and expected to have a double digit growth in the next 10 years. This exciting trend is driven mainly by an increased demand for zero-emission vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions and have a lower impact in the environment. This move is supported by favourable government policies and support in terms of subsidies and grants, tax rebates, incentives and other non-financial benefits in the form of car pool lane access and new car registration. In this context, semiconductor players are investigating and developing innovative solutions to address the demand of differentiation and efficiency and to cover new applications and functions in the car of future. ON Semiconductor is continuously investing in new technologies and introducing advanced solutions for new applications and functions inside the next generation e-cars. This presentation will provided an overview of the latest power semiconductor and module technologies to address high voltage auxiliaries functions, like e-compressors, fans, water/oil pumps, highlight the benefit for the designer and for the system.

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