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3:55 — 4:25 PM
May 4 '21

High Precision Power Analysis for Electric Cars and Drives

The vision of DEWESoft® is to have single easy to use software package with highly integrated hardware capable of doing any kind of measurements. The new Power Analyser with 15MS/s allows completely synchronous data acquisition of up to 64 measurement channels (whether voltage, current or any other signal) and additional mechanical parameters, temperature, VIDEO, GPS or CAN data. This flexible and high-accurate hardware and the powerful software combine the functionalities of a Power Analyser, Scope, FFT Analyser, Combustion Analyser, Data Logger, Transient Recorder and Power Quality Analyser in just one instrument. The new Power Analyser allows comprehensive, never experienced analysis of electric & hybrid vehicle applications such as electrical inverter and motor testing, charging analysis or efficiency determination of any electric vehicles under real driving conditions.

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