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9:35 — 9:50 AM
May 4 '21

Ensuring Field Reliability of SiC Devices - Solutions

With the increasing adoption of SiC in mainstream power electronics applications the proof of an adequate field reliability comes more and more in the focus. SiC diodes already confirmed that the new semiconductor material itself is ready to as reliable as silicon. Preconditions for this achievement are improvements in the base material quality combined with gained knowledge about SiC specific failure modes which can be successfully suppressed today be measures taken form the semiconductor supplier. Now, the same status needs to be developed for SiC MOSFETs. The contribution will give an overview about the broad knowledge regarding stability aspects of SiC devices and how certain failure root causes can be tackled. It will be shown that the success is a combination of measures taken at chip level but also by using a proper assembly technology. Theoretical considerations will be complemented by experimental evidence.

Peter Friedrichs

Senior Director Silicon Carbide

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