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3:20 — 3:50 PM
May 4 '21

ELCRES™ HTV150 High Heat Dielectric Film for DC Link Power Capacitors

HTV150 is a high heat dielectric film offered by SABIC as a candidate for use in polymer film capacitors operating at temperatures reaching 150°C and high voltage. The ultra-thin film (5µm) has a dielectric constant, Dk, of 2.9, dissipation factor, Df, of 0.002 and dielectric strength of about 500V/µ. The aforementioned remain relatively stable at 150°C. Frequency response for Df is advantageous versus other high temperature films e.g. polyethylene naphthalate (PEN). Capacitors built with metalized film pass basic electrical and life tests at 150°C for 2000 hours with capacitance drop ΔC/C < 5%. Using HTV150 film in capacitors for advanced xEV traction inverters can potentially enable the module to operate at high voltages and temperatures reaching 150°C for an improved overall module efficiency. This high heat film could also lead to elimination or reduction of active cooling systems and can offer design flexibility and packaging efficiency.

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