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10:15 — 10:45 AM
May 4 '21

Battery, SiC, 800V…What else is needed by an Electric Vehicle Manufacturer to Differentiate from its Competitors?

Market briefing: 1h The transition towards a clean mobility has started, and the electrified vehicle (xEV) fleet is increasing its speed. There is clear trend towards faster deployment of battery electric vehicles (BEVs). According to Yole Développement, the annual market for BEV will reach about 16.5Munits by 2026, but several challenges remain, including high manufacturing costs, small driving ranges or relative long charging times. In this presentation, Yole will go over these challenges, covering xEV battery development trends, such as how to reduce costs optimizing battery cells and battery pack designs, and we will describe the seven main technology ways to increase the car driving range, based on increasing energy available in car (battery), on reducing the energy conversion losses (800V circuitry, SiC-based inverter…), on reducing the energy consumption by ADAS systems, etc. Moreover we will make the link to the xEV charging infrastructure and charging time, as the charge speed depends on the charger power, battery charging power capability and vehicle powertrain efficiency. The synergies between all these hot topics will be covered during this Market briefing session.

Milan Rosina

Principal Analyst for Power & Wireless / Batteries

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