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1:00 — 1:30 PM
May 4 '21

Addressing Power Package Technology to Meet the Demands of Vehicle Electrification

As the demand for electric vehicles increases so does the requirement of power semiconductors which provide highly efficient power conversion at increasingly higher switching frequency. The move from traditional Si to WBG such as Power GaN FETs needs to be matched with the right package innovation to meet the demands of electrification of the powertrain. As the innovators of copper-clip package technology, Nexperia now brings two decades experience of producing high-quality, high-robustness SMD packaging to its GaN FET portfolio. Adopting proven technology to give industry-leading performance in a truly innovative compact package. Wire-bond free for optimized thermal and electrical performance, and simplified design of cascode configuration to eliminate the need for complicated drivers and controls, CCPAK provides the robustness and reliability for the most demanding EV designs. Meeting the requirements of automotive qualification and produced in a scalable manufacturing footprint which can rapidly increase with market demand.

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