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Neonyt on Air 2021 www.instagram.com/neonyt.berlin
14:00 — 14:45
21. Januar '21

Certification – transparency, credibility and trust


Panel discussion

A panel discussion that will feature the key values of certification: ensuring transparent processes and value chains, maintaining credibility and building up trust on the consumer’s side – this might be the most important and at the same time most challenging issues for certifiers and ecolabels. Especially in pandemic times it seems to be extra challenging to keep the certification quality high and to guarantee a good and transparent result. As we all know there are a lot ecolabels existing – each label has its own focus and criteria. This panel discussion sets out to give our community some more information about the differences and specifications of such and bring a bit more light into the complex subject.

Thimo Schwenzfeier

Show Director Neonyt and Director Marketing-Communications Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH

Rapha Breyer

Textile Policy and Patnerships

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