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E- Exhibitor Stream - AC & Ventilation, Automation
9:00 — 9:30 AM
March 22 '21

Walraven Europe B.V. | Rooftop installations A to Z - from digital modelling through compliance to real-life installation practices

Language: ENG

1. Most common rooftop challenges (ranging from isolation to penetration) 

2. Example structures (frameworks and walkways)

3. Case studies and best practices 

4. Digital modelling (BIM) and calculatio

You will find the presentation here.

Speaker: Mateusz Tekielak 

Today’s flat roofs must support an ever-increasing amount of equipment such as air duct and ventilation. The installation of this equipment can cause different challenges such as penetration of the membrane, long coordination time, an inflexible infrastructure, sound and vibration issues, UV-resistance or corrosion problems. Next to that, you also need to consider external factors like weather conditions such as the impact of snow and wind. 

At the same time, there is a growing trend and the need for the availability of digital design before starting the installation. This is where BIM and REVIT are playing an increasingly important role. The right digital design can enable you to arrive to a validated and approved outcome at an earlier stage, which means cost and time-saving and, most importantly, increased safety!  

Join our web session to learn about the in’s and out’s of rooftop installations, including examples and solutions to the most common challenges as well as demonstrating how digital modelling with BIM and CAD can support with increasing compliance and resource savings. 

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