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C - Exhibitor Stream - Water, Software
8:45 — 9:15 AM
March 23 '21

Ningbo Cacheng Machinery & Electric Co.,Ltd | Circulator pump

Language: ENG

Application: Home water supply

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Application: Home water supply

Rated head 20m flow rate 1.5m³/h

win patent and leading in the industry

A necessity for a family, living a higher quality life

Safe and secure, 24V permanent magnet brushless DC motor,

Prevent people from electric shock hazard.

Energy saving, low noise, stable operation

IP67 waterproof level, suitable for either dry or wet condition

Intelligent and efficient, offer both powerful water flow and pressure.

Support low flow pressure as well, suitable for high rise residences

Environment friendly, engineering plastic material, no pollution.

Shielded motor design, no mechanical seal.

PCB sealing technology, long lifetime

Small size, easy installation by hands, tools free

Enough water-flow, healthy and clean, soft start for whole house,

Subject to changes without notice

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