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C - Exhibitor Stream - Water, Software
9:30 — 10:00 AM
March 22 '21

Ningbo Cacheng Machinery & Electric Co.,Ltd | 3 inch high speed submersible borehole pump

Language: ENG

8000RPM / MIN

Motor>IE5 MEI>0.7

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8000RPM / MIN

Motor>IE5 MEI>0.7

Application: Groundwater, River, Irrigation, Farm, Water Tower, Industrial & mining enterprises, High-rise Building, Domestic Water Supply, Fountain Landscape


Ultra-high energy efficiency permanent magnet motor, built-in drive

Motor speed 8000RPM brings high performance

(flow rate 1-10m3 , head ~ 200m)

Extra-small volume and lightweight, save 78% space compare with 4” conventional pump

Small size can save considerable money & time on well drilling

Soft start

Wide voltage range: 140-280V

Over/under voltage / overload / over-temperature /dry running protection

Good resistance for sand erosion due to special impeller material

Shielded motor design without mechanical seal, long life and maintenance free

Force convection water cooling, it applies to the medium which temperature is 0-55℃

No oil leakage risk that pollutes water resource

Anti lock-up design

Subject to changes without notice

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