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E- Exhibitor Stream - AC & Ventilation, Automation
1:50 — 2:20 PM
March 23 '21

DAIKIN Europe N.V. | Air to air heat pumps unveiled

Language: ENG

Fact check about the air to air heat pump technology and what Daikin can offer

You will find the presentation here.

There are many claims on air conditioning in the market, on the internet, on social media and maybe even by just talking to your neighbour.. But which ones should you believe and which ones are fake news?

-"Airco is only useful for cooling"

-"With an Airco, I can get an incentive from the government"

-"Air sourced heat pumps withstand cold outdoor conditions"

-"Airco provides good indoor air quality"

-"When choosing Airco I cannot have hot water included"

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