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J - Exhibitor Stream - AC & Ventilation, Automation  

E- Exhibitor Stream - AC & Ventilation, Automation GER

Wolf GmbH | Gesunde Raumluft in Bildungseinrichtungen - Schullüftungsexperte erklärt, wie die aktuellen Probleme jetzt gelöst werden können

In der Vergangenheit wurde der Stellenwert der Luftqualität in Bildungsstätten unterschätzt. Die aktuelle Situation zwingt uns zum Handeln – sowohl im Bestand als auch im NeubauYou will find the presentation here.

I - Exhibitor Stream - Energy Technology  

H - Exhibitor Stream - Water, Software  

B - Pop up my Bathroom  

A - Top themes channel ISH digital platform GER

Living bathroom: How can a bathroom double as living space?

The Living Bathroom is a response to the still-growing demand for an individual, comfortable, convenient and cosy wellness retreat in one’s own four walls.

C - ISH Technology and Energy Forum  

A - Top themes channel ISH digital platform GER

Digitalisation: energy and partial autarky in buildings: for climate protection and to strengthen tomorrow`s energy systems

The climate targets of the German government are ambitious.This will result in an increasing degree of connectivity between producers, storage facilities and consumers.And also includes energy-relevant products in buildings, e.g., the heating system.

D - Air Conditioning Forum  

A - Top themes channel ISH digital platform GER

Operating room air-conditioning equipment with special reference to the circumstances of the pandemic

Presentation of the FGK-Status report 51 and discussion on whether room air-conditioning equipment can spread corona viruses in buildings.

F - Startups@ISH-ENG  

A - Top themes channel ISH digital platform GER

Startup-Pitches: Energy management

In the Start-up pitches: Energy management, the startups Tooltime, XCNT GmbH and aedifion present their companies and business ideas in pertinent pitches. Subsequently, they will not only answer all questions from the audience but also be available for further discussions if required.

G - Architects@ISH  

A - Top themes channel ISH digital platform GER

Talks by Worlds Architects I Markus Pfeil - Energy concept - high-tech - low-tech I Pfeil & Koch Ingenieurgesellschaft

Markus Pfeil | Pfeil & Koch ingenieurgesellschaft, Stuttgart, KölnMarkus Pfeil uses projects implemented by his engineering office to show how holistic energy concepts are developed.

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