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J - Exhibitor Stream - AC & Ventilation, Automation  

E- Exhibitor Stream - AC & Ventilation, Automation GER

Wolf GmbH | Gesunde Raumluft in Bildungseinrichtungen - Schullüftungsexperte erklärt, wie die aktuellen Probleme jetzt gelöst werden können

In der Vergangenheit wurde der Stellenwert der Luftqualität in Bildungsstätten unterschätzt. Die aktuelle Situation zwingt uns zum Handeln – sowohl im Bestand als auch im NeubauYou will find the presentation here.

I - Exhibitor Stream - Energy Technology  

D - Exhibitor Stream - Energy Technology GER

Stiebel Eltron Deutschland Vertriebs GmbH | Zukunftssichere und hocheffiziente Lösungen für Heizen, Kühlen, Warmwasser und Lüften

Wir zeigen Ihnen die Neuheiten zur Sanierung von Wohngebäuden mit Wärmepumpen und wie wir Sie in Ihrer täglichen Arbeit unterstützen können. Dazu nehmen wir Sie mit in unseren Energy Campus.You will find the presentation here.

H - Exhibitor Stream - Water, Software  

B - Pop up my Bathroom  

A - Top themes channel ISH digital platform GER

Smart bathroom: What does the bathroom of the future look like today?

Smart Bathroom isn’t about the bathroom of a distant future, it’s about a smart bathroom equipped with the technical possibilities of our time: the mirror can double as an information centre or provide atmospheric accompaniment as we perform our morning routines; smart controls for water applications help get the day off to a good start by appealing to all the senses, and in the evening an intelligent lighting control system turns the Smart Bathroom into a relaxing retreat.

C - ISH Technology and Energy Forum  

A - Top themes channel ISH digital platform GER

Gas has a bright future: hydrogen and bio- methane in the heating market

Discussion on questions relating to the energy revolution in the heating market and the role to be played by hydrogen and biogas in this connection.

D - Air Conditioning Forum  

A - Top themes channel ISH digital platform GER

Ventilation strategies with special reference to the Covid pandemic

Impulse lectures and subsequent discussion about the influence of good ventilation on the spread of infections indoors.

F - Startups@ISH-ENG  

A - Top themes channel ISH digital platform GER

Startup-Talks: Hydrogen - collaboration potential for start-ups and established companies

In Start-up Talks: Hydrogen, a founder, an expert from the sector and an external expert will discuss the potential offered by collaborations between start-ups and established companies from our sector.

A - Top themes channel ISH digital platform GER

Startup-Pitches: Energy

In the Start-up pitches: Energy, the startups CeraNovis GmbH, Abora, OVUM Heiztechnik GmbH and Mixergy present their companies and business ideas in pertinent pitches. Subsequently, they will not only answer all questions from the audience but also be available for further discussions if required.

G - Architects@ISH  

A - Top themes channel ISH digital platform GER

Talks by World Architects I Annelen Schmidt-Vollenbroich & Ana Vollenbroich - The bathroom in domestic culture I Nidus Studio

Annelen Schmidt-Vollenbroich & Ana Vollenbroich | Nidus Studio, DüsseldorfThe evolution of the bathroom in domestic culture is recounted with the help of built examples.

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