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Consumer Goods Digital Day
6:55 — 7:20 PM
April 20 '21

Sustainability: Changing consumer behavior & significance for the retail sector

Language: GER + EN

in co-operation with The Retail Academy

The neo-ecology megatrend is changing the way we think and act today and is initiating a realignment of social, political and corporate values. Sustainability is thus becoming a question of attitude. Those who rely on business as usual will fall by the wayside in the medium term. In the future, companies that make sustainability a holistic business principle and can answer the question of what added value they create will set the tone. 

Get the answers to the following questions:

  • What's behind the neo-ecology megatrend?
  • How is consumer behavior changing and what does this mean for retail?
  • What sustainable retail concepts already exist?
  • Which companies are leading the way as visionaries?
  • Which business models will become relevant in the future?

Silvia Talmon

Executive Creative Director

Subject to changes without notice

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