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Consumer Goods Digital Day
6:25 — 6:45 PM
April 20 '21

Ambiente Trends 2021

Language: ENG + DE

Three Ambiente Trends 2021

Emotional. Natural. Changing. There's no denying that the living environment is changing. Based on a similar need, the Ambiente Trends 2021 are very different: emotional. love of home puts our home in the center of attention. As a comfortable place where we can celebrate pleasant moments in familiar surroundings. With continual. related to nature, nature can move in with us. Mindful and conscious living is good for you, because it slows down the rhythm of everyday life in a completely natural way. Pure energy, on the other hand, exudes renewal. notion of redo. Redesigning and improvising are the focus of this creative living theme. For a transformation that radiates positive change and confidence. The in-depth lecture describes current themes, colors, materials, inspirations and styles with a wealth of images.

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