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Eyob Bekele

Eyob Bekele has served as a director of Desta since its establishment in 1993. It started as manufacturing of plastic shoes and soles. Eyob was involved in sourcing the right machinery and raw materials. Desta was the leader in the field of plastic shoes until the market was saturated and the family made transition to Garment in 2012. Eyob has been involved in the business development of the company by acquiring new customers and creating good relationships around the world as well as local market. Also manages the day to day operations of the company, which involve dealing and negotiating with customers, fabric suppliers and clearing and forwarding agents. Desta’s vision is to be the number one locally owned but internationally competing ethical garment manufacturer. Eyob has put this vision to reality by focusing on sustainability and developing a green garment factory. Eyob manages Compliance team that works tirelessly to meet social and environmental goals in line with acceptable international standards. This involves working with various international organizations such as GIZ to fulfill the required standards and accreditations. With various accreditations, Desta is able to grow its garment exports to various European countries. Some of the customers include Lidl through its importer Distra based out of Germany, Auchan in France, Tendam in Spain, Capelli in Germany and many other exports to Italy, UK and USA. Prior to taking the role of managing Desta PLC, Eyob served as general manager of Tasty Foods since its inception in 1998. Tasty Foods, which is located in the same compound as Desta PLC, is the first company in Ethiopia manufacturing Powder Drink and Maize based snack for East African Market.  Eyob completed his secondary education in the U.S. and has accumulated knowledge and notable experience in developing and managing businesses in Ethiopia over the past 20 years. He has worked alongside his father, where he developed his skills of purchasing and trading various commodities and managing multiple businesses. In the past, he dealt in import and export of various goods with more than 20 countries including but not limited to coffee, teff and other grains.

Conferences Agora Hall 2 ENG
11:15 AM — 12:15 PM
February 11 '20
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