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Belachew Fikre

Former Commissioner, Ethiopian Investment Commission  Dr. Belachew, who had served as Commissioner of the Ethiopian Investment Commission, holds higher level degrees from Addis Ababa University, the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, University of Essex, King’s College London and University of Surrey in the United Kingdom. Dr. Belachew previously served as the Deputy Commissioner for the Industrial Parks Division at the Commission mandated to attract, support and regulate industrial park developers, enterprises and operators. During his tenure as Commissioner among other things, he has initiated various policy measures needed to create a conducive and competitive investment climate and followed up the implementation of same through effective coordination with key line ministries and agencies; negotiated various bilateral investment promotion and protection treaties with other countries where potential investment is likely to flow into the country. He has interacted with high end manufacturers intending to establish their business operations in Ethiopia, spearheaded the development of the Industrial parks regulations that was enacted by the Parliament, and oversaw the institutionalization of over fifteen One-Stop-Service centers in the various government and private parks. In his previous roles, he had worked for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and as a researcher and graduate program resource person at the National Institute for Legislative Studies, the research arm of the Nigerian National Assembly. He was a founding staff and Faculty Dean of Bahir Dar University School of Law before joining Addis Ababa University Centre for Human Rights as lecturer and coordinator for research and publications. Dr Belachew currently works as Project Manager at GIZ’s Special Initiative for Jobs program.  </span>

Conferences Agora Hall 2 ENG
11:15 AM — 12:15 PM
February 11 '20
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