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Alexey Aleskovsky

Aleksey is a person who has a wide experience in the professional show business. He started working in 1985 at a disco in Moscow, and then he worked as a sound engineer, technician and technical director in different theatres and tours. At the end of the nineties he created his own independent rental service company and started his work as event organizer and promoter. He has worked with OFFSPRING, ROLLING STONES, MUSE, HIM, SAXON, Alice Cooper, Gotthard, Kingdom come, Hughes-Turner Project, Nazareth, Slade, Def Leppard etc. For some time now Aleksey has been in charge of co-organizing the VIII Rental Companies Conference in Samara, which is situated in the southeastern part of European Russia. Aleksey is also the Chairman of the Board of AKTOM, the Russian Rental Companies Association, an international partner of the VPLT.

International Event Safety + Security Conference Hall 11 Level 0, Raum Granat ENG
10:30 — 11:15 AM
April 1 '20
Subject to changes without notice

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