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International Event Safety + Security Conference Hall 11 Level 0, Raum Granat
10:30 — 11:15 AM
April 1 '20

State of Affairs – Event Safety 2020: An International Perspective

1. Roundtable

Experts from seven countries discuss the current state of affairs within the Event Safety community from an international perspective. Which key aspects of event safety and security are being addressed by our industry and which are being ignored or not recognised? What cultural differences should we understand and respect when working outside of our own environments? How do we work together more efficiently to achieve event safety awareness around the world? After the initial discussion, participants are welcome to ask panel members their own questions regarding event safety and security.

The Event Safety Shop
SARA, South African Roadies Association, S.A.
PEA, Performance & Events Association VR China
VPLT - Der Verband für Medien- und Veranstaltungstechnik
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