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International Event Safety + Security Conference Hall 11 Level 0, Raum Granat
12:15 — 1:00 PM
April 1 '20

Mobile Electrical Systems for the Entertainment Industry Standards/Prevention/Safety

2. Panel / Roundtable

Our industry needs clear and safe standards that should be accepted and understood wherever our productions go. That would appear to be obvious, but in practice, we are very far from reaching that goal. The recent discussions regarding the use of electro-mechanical (Mains voltage-independent) or electronic (Mains voltage-dependent) RCBO (Residual Current operated Circuit Breaker with integral Overcurrent Protection) in mobile electrical distribution systems for our industry have created a great deal of discussion in Germany and in other countries around the world. Why are there different opinions in regard to the proper methods of making our distribution systems safe, and what should our industry be striving for? After a brief look at the fundamental positions, different cultural perspectives and the relevancy of the ongoing debate, the panel will attempt to seek solutions for such topics in the future.  

VPLT - Der Verband für Medien- und Veranstaltungstechnik
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