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Manufacturers‘ Forum Hall 11 Level 0, Raum Karmesin
11:00 AM — 12:00 PM
April 1 '20


M-Noise: a live demonstration showing the process of determining a loudspeakers maximum linear peak SPL using a new test signal that resembles music. Professional audio engineers and consultants rely on manufacturer supplied maximum SPL specifications to predict a loudspeakers performance in the field. These specifications and the test procedures that create them can vary dramatically between manufacturers and in critical ways fail to represent the loudspeakers dynamic performance when reproducing our most important type of program material: Music. There is a clear need for a standardized test signal and procedure capable of accurately and objectively modeling a loudspeakers ability to linearly reproduce musical signals. M-Noise is a new open source test signal developed by Meyer Sound to overcome discrepancies between previous generation test references such as pink noise and real-world program signals. M-Noise simulates the dynamic response of music over frequency, and thereby, more accurately models loudspeaker performance under real-world show conditions regardless of the loudspeaker brand. An Audio Engineering Society (AES) committee is currently exploring adoption of M-Noise and its accompanying test procedure into an industry standard. This presentation will briefly describe M-Noise development, its unique characteristics and how it enables the effective measurement of a loudspeakers linear peak SPL. A live demonstration will then show the step-by-step M-Noise test procedure and determine the linear peak SPL capability for an actual loudspeaker.

Meyer Sound Lab. (Germany) GmbH
Subject to changes without notice

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