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Theatre + Light Stage Hall 12 Level 0, C38
2:30 — 3:30 PM
April 1 '20

Gala Venue using Spiralift

Gala Venue Presentation

Gala Systems, the world's largest manufacturer of understage equipment, is leading the industry of multipurpose venues since 1980, providing integrated electro mechanical systems to automatically reconfigure assembly and presentation spaces. Since 1980, Gala Systems has completed more than 1,750 projects in 65 countries with installations including orchestra lifts, stage lifts, podiums, scenery and piano lifts, and the Gala Venues technology. Gala Systems offers efficient solutions for multipurpose hall configurations as well as complete lifting systems for all types of orchestra pits, platforms and loads, and other custom engineered solutions enhancing the value of your realizations. GALA lifts can be integrated to existing pits. Product details: - Spiralifts - Gala Venues - Understage systems

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