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E-Mobility Forum
1:45 — 2:00 PM
July 7 '20

High Power and Low Power AC-DC & DC-DC and High Power Magnetic Solutions for Infrastructure and on Board Mobility

Language: ENG

10 mins. Presentation + 5 mins. Live Q&A Session

Murata product portfolio features component parts & products for both fast charging infrastructure installations, and home charging installations for E-mobility.

Products featured will include our range of DC-DC converters, (MGJ, NXJ, MGJ) for E-mobility inverter applications whether on or off board solutions. Also featured will be Murata innovative pdqb winding technology which enables 99.5% efficiency in 30kW to 400kW transformers for E-mobility infrastructure installations. 

Murata’s range of DC-DC converters have been tested in actual applications, reference designs available, and are designed to withstand the sometimes-harsh operating conditions of E-mobility applications. All of Murata’s DC-DSC converters have high DC Link voltage ratings, characterised partial discharge performance and dv/dt immunity, 

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