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Industry Forum
12:45 — 1:30 PM
July 8 '20

GaN-Devices - The Game Changers

Language: ENG

30 mins. Presentation + 15 mins. Live Q&A Session

Efficiency is the most important game changer in systems. Wide Band Gap power semiconductors have paved the way. 16 experts from leading Industry will be part of the presentations and discussions about usage of Wide Band Gap power Semiconductors. 8 experts will present About SiC for the first session and another 8 experts will do the GaN. Efficiency is what counts first in the game.

Invited speakers:

Alex Lidow, EPC

Philip Zuk, Transphorm

Tim McDonald, Infineon

Stephen Oliver, Navitas

Balu Balakrishnan, Power Integrations

Jim Witham, GaN Systems

Eric Moreau, Exagan

Ran Soffer, VisIC

Subject to changes without notice

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