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E-Mobility Forum
11:15 — 11:30 AM
July 8 '20

Analyzing Pulse Width Modulated Signals in Power Applications with Oscilloscopes

Language: ENG

10 mins. Presentation + 5 mins. Live Q&A Session

Pulse width modulation (PWM) is a commonplace technique for efficiently driving switched mode supplies at a fixed frequency. This applies to many types of power supplies in industrial control systems and power electronics. PWM is therefore a particularly widespread technique used in designing D/A converters, DC/DC power supplies and inverters, e.g. variable frequency drives (VFD) of DC motors and three-phase motor drives. Especially difference signals in bridges or multiphase motor drives exhibit bipolar, double pulse features and challenge engineers every day in development and testing.

This presentation gives you an overview of the required measurement equipment as well as tips and tricks on how to optimize their effectivity.

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