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Remcon Seminars Hall 6 Level 1, D60
2:30 — 4:00 PM
January 25 '20

Firmware Forum

Time to discover about firmware upgrades in the imaging industry!

In this Firmware Forum you get the opportunity to find out first-hand the firmware update issues, the impact on the market, how technology can block firmware updates and how you can restore previous firmware versions.

But is there a better way? We explore one OEM's enlightened position on chips and upgrades.

Beyond the firmware issue; Software updates also impact on printer functionality. Microsoft recently issued an update to Internet Explorer that caused printer errors for many Microsoft users. 

But there are solutions and work arounds and we share the results of recent tests of firmware blocking technology.

The consumer perspective – In the US, OEMs face regular class action lawsuits which are bad for the brand image. Is it time for OEMs to provide a firmware roll back feature on printers so their non-OEM consumables are not locked out?

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