At Paperworld, the international trade fair for paper, office supplies and stationery products, you'll find all the industry's latest trends and product ideas. With the unique diversity of products from major brand manufacturers, international newcomers and many others, Paperworld is the most important industry forum, source of ideas and order platform for the wholesale and retailer sectors as well as for corporate buyers.

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Saturday, 1/25/2020

Sunday, 1/26/2020

Remcon Seminars Hall 6 Level 1, D60

ETIRA 2.0 facing Europe’s Printing Challenges

In 2019 ETIRA adopted a new, ETIRA 2.0, mandate to reflect where the industry is today and the challenges that are in the market today. ETIRA President, Javier Martinez addresses the new 2.0 mandate and the market challenges.Since its formation in 2003 as a Belgian non-profit organisation, ETIRA has represented its members on all topics affecting this industry. As well as providing many services to its members and the industry at large: ETIRA works on topics like quality, standardization, providing legal and regulatory advice, public relations, member contact platforms, etc.Speaker: Javier Martinez, President, ETIRA

Remcon Seminars Hall 6 Level 1, D60

HP: Inside the “Advance, Transform, Disrupt” strategy

HP recently announced that it was planning to introduce printers and MFP's at a higher price point but featuring the capability to use non-original toner and ink. This unconventional approach, if successful, could be pivotal in reinventing the market for toner and ink supplies. In this presentation, we will consider the motives behind this radical move by HP and explore the implications and sensitivities for printer and supplies customers, channel partners, competitor OEM’s and the aftermarket industry.Speaker: Peter Mayhew, Director & Senior Analyst, Lightwords Imaging

Monday, 1/27/2020

Remcon Seminars Hall 6 Level 1, D60

Market trends - A specially extended session

The market is changing, but there are still opportunities and niches in the office imaging channel. Our speaker will share the latest OEM perspective, highlight the current market trends and signpost the new opportunities and take a look at the next 18 months and what you can expect to see in the office imaging market. Speaker: Andrew Carroll, Associate Director, Keypoint Intelligence – Infotrends

Remcon Seminars Hall 6 Level 1, D60

Understanding Today’s Increasingly Diverse North American Consumables Market

As business models evolve and new channel strategies are embraced, aftermarket sales remain as important as ever in North America. In this presentation, we will look at increasingly complex supplies markets for home and office devices in the region and examine how hardware manufacturers are developing new go-to-market plans that allow them to compete more effectively with third-party supplies vendors. In addition, we’ll survey the North American markets for A3 and A4 consumables and discuss how OEMs, remanufacturers, and new-build compatible manufacturers are all battling for market share. Speaker: Charles Brewer, President, Actionable Intelligence

Remcon Seminars Hall 6 Level 1, D60

Digital Marketing Update 2020

If your digital marketing strategy is an occasional post on Facebook, this presentation is for you. Explore the LinkedIn evolution, cookies, hyper re-targeting, chatbots, private messaging, personalisation, CRM-WEB integration and a whole lot more. You won’t be an expert in one hour, but you will know what you need to do for your own digital marketing strategy. Speaker: Zoltan Matyas, Business Development Manager, Integral GmbH

Remcon Seminars Hall 6 Level 1, D60

The Recycler's OEM Brand Report

We have been tracking the OEM brands for a few years now to see which brands would survive and which brands would exit. What does the OEM brand future look like for 2020 and beyond? You will be surprised by some of the results as The Recycler launches its 2020 top brands list! Speakers: David Connett, Partner at Connett & Unland GbR

Tuesday, 1/28/2020

Remcon Seminars Hall 6 Level 1, D60

Personal Perspectives

Personal Perspectives Today's seminar theme is entitled Personal Perspectives – A series of informal Q&A style interviews with key people from across the sector who will share their perspectives with the visitor and exhibitor business community. The Analysts Infortrend's Andrew Carroll and Lightwords Imaging’s Peter Mayhew are here to take your questions and share their perspectives on the year ahead. The Reseller Talk to a leader from the reseller channel and share their perspectives on the year ahead. The Remanufacturer Talk to a leading remanufacturer who will share their perspectives on the year ahead. Three not to be missed interviews with leading players from across the industry who will share their insights and observations and answer your questions. Host: David Connett Speakers: Andrew Carroll, Peter Mayhew and others

Remcon Seminars Hall 6 Level 1, D60

And if it happens: Brexit

Unless the UK political landscape changes, Brexit will happen just a few days after the show closes (31st). It will impact on UK businesses trading with the EU and vice versa. You will have just ELEVEN months until the 31st December 2020 to learn, understand and implement any changes that Brexit will bring. Talk to The Recycler’s Editor and Publisher, Stefanie Unland about the Brexit issues and information you want to see reported in The Recycler over the coming months. Speaker: Stefanie Unland, Editor and Publisher, The Recycler

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