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Emotion @ Light + Building (Special Shows) Hall 9.0 E60, Power for Mobility
9:00 AM — 6:00 PM
March 8 '20

Power for Mobility

E-mobility can make an important contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions and is thus a key to achieving climate goals. Achieving the prerequisites for e-mobility is a complex task requiring account to be taken of many social aspects. As the platform for all power-drive systems in and on buildings, Light + Building will focus primarily on charging processes in the private sphere.

The ‘Power for Mobility’ area spotlights the prerequisites necessary for the integration of charging points in the electrical infrastructure of a building. Digital projections show which parts of the infrastructure must be checked and, if necessary, adapted. The impact on the building is then visualised using a variety of product examples.

Additionally, the most important considerations will be illuminated within the framework of a daily programme of chaired discussions. The programme features will include current challenges from industry and research. Parallel to this, associations, institutes and public bodies are invited to make a thematic contribution with a compact information desk.

The aim of the special show is to spotlight the electrical charging infrastructure as a challenge and to reveal the variety of solutions available. ‘Power for Mobility’ is primarily a meeting place for all concerned in the market, e.g., specialists from the sector, as well as property owners and managers, who want to find out about important aspects and discuss them with experts.

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