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Emotion @ Light + Building (Special Shows) Hall 11.Via, B02, Light + Building Global Lounge
9:00 AM — 6:00 PM
March 8 '20

Light + Building Global Lounge

Are you interested in exhibiting in another Light + Building fair abroad?

We invite you to stop by our new Light + Building Global Lounge during Light + Building in Frankfurt. You will find information material about all Light + Building fairs around the globe. Six countries, in which Light + Building is present with own fairs, will be presented in the appealing lounge.

Please visit us and get in contact with us. You can leave your business card and note which events you are interested in, so our colleagues from abroad can contact you and talk to you about opportunities for participation in the events. Also a lot of our international colleagues will be present during Light + Building in Frankfurt. If you are interested, we might coordinate a meeting with them, in case there is enough time available.

Our hostess at the Light + Building Global Lounge will be happy to assist you.

You will find the lounge between hall 11 and Portalhaus: 11.V, B01. Please note that former Light + Building Global booth in Foyer of hall 4.1 does not exist anymore.

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