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Emotion @ Light + Building (Special Shows) Hall 9.0 E30, BIM @ Light + Building 2020
9:00 AM — 6:00 PM
March 8 '20

BIM @ Light + Building 2020

Building Information Modeling

The IT-aided working method ‘Building Information Modeling’ (BIM) is gaining

increasingly in significance with BIM being used more and more to plan building

services and large-scale projects, as well as operational maintenance. This results

in more efficient working processes, shorter planning and building times and

improved cooperation between everyone involved.

What is BIM? What benefits does BIM offer? Is BIM obligatory?

What changes does BIM involve for planners? For manufacturers? For property

developers? At the construction site?

Where can I find help? Standards?

Who specialises in BIM?

These and a variety of other practical questions will be illuminated from different

angles at Light + Building (Hall 9.0). We will provide insights into working with

BIM from the perspectives of planners, manufacturers, property managers and

independent organisations, share empirical values and give pointers to the

extensive information available online.

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