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Stefan Schrauf

Operations EMEA Lead, WPG–Management Consulting

Stefan Schrauf is a partner at PwC Management Consulting in Düsseldorf. He supports clients from various industries worldwide in the transformation and digitalization of their supply chains. In addition to his work with clients, Stefan regularly develops and shares his Through Leadership, for example in the recently launched "Connected and autonomous supply chain ecosystems 2025" study, in the Harvard Business Review, in the Strategy+Business as well as several papers on the topic of Industry 4.0.

Stefan has more than 17 years of professional experience and now leads the Operations Team of PwC Management Consulting in EMEA. His focus is on resilience and sustainability in the supply chain, supply chain transparency and visibility as well as integrated supply chain planning including how to develop data analytics capability and use them effectively.

2:30 — 3:45 PM
November 11 '20

EXCHAiNGE: Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Fit for the Future Thanks to the Circular Economy - Successful Initiatives of Sustainable Business Models

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