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Sören Franke

Digital Lead External Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals-Product Supply

Soeren Franke is Digital Lead in the External Manufacturing & Partnership Management function in the Pharmaceuticals Division of Bayer AG.

After graduating with a degree in industrial engineering from the Technical University of Berlin in 2012, he worked for around 6 years at Siemens AG in various functions in Germany and North America before moving to Bayer AG as Manager Digital SCM Transformation in 2018. In this role, Soeren Franke was responsible for developing the Pharmaceuticals SCM digitization strategy and roadmap as well as implementing the Artificial Intelligence Supported Integrated & Automated Production Planning Use Case.

Since summer 2020, Soeren Franke and his team have been responsible for the digitization strategy and activities in the area of ​​External Manufacturing & Partnership Management.

12:15 — 1:50 PM
November 10 '20

EXCHAiNGE: Supply Chain Best Practices

Behind the Scenes with Movers and Shakers (Part 1) Presentation of Finalists for Supply Chain Management Award 2020

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