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Tina Moor

Tina Moor is textile designer and researcher. She developed interior fabrics and textile-pneumatic structures for applications in the aviation, automotive and health sectors. Since 2004 she works in the research team Products & Textiles at Lucerne School of Art and Design and leads the BA-programme in Textile design since 2011. Since 2017 she is regularly invited as a guest lecturer at the Beijing. Institute of Fashion Technology, China. As a designer she won several awards such as the “Swiss Design Prize”, “Federal Design Grant”, the bronze medal of the Japan Design Foundation and a study grant for a 10 months residency in Rome.

Lectures Hall 4 Level 2, C70 GER
12:00 — 1:30 PM
January 7 '20
Lectures Hall 3 Level 0, B10 ENG Lectures
5:00 — 6:00 PM
January 7 '20
Subject to changes without notice

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