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Nils Jansen

Nils Jansen assumed the position of managing partner at Lindenberg Hospitality this summer. Among other things, Lindenberg Hospitality operates the new Lindley in Frankfurt. Previously Jansen, who holds a degree in business administration, climbed the career ladder at 25hours: As general manager he was responsible for 25hours Hotels by Levis and The Goldman for four years and as of 2017 he supervised more than 100 employees and the strategic development of 25hours Hotel The Circle in Cologne. Jansen was accompanied on the AHGZ Trend Tours by Juliane Maier of Studio Aberja. Maier is responsible for interior design at Lindley Lindenberg.

Lectures Hall 4 Level 2, C70 GER
10:00 AM — 12:00 PM
January 9 '20
Guided Tours Hall 4 Level 2, E95 GER
12:30 — 2:00 PM
January 9 '20
Guided Tours Hall 4 Level 2, E95 GER
3:00 — 4:30 PM
January 9 '20
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