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Markus Labinski

Markus Labinski (certified business economist, specialising in furniture trade) is Key Account Manager for Auping and responsible for sales in Germany (South), Austria and Switzerland. Previously, he had already represented the brand as a storemanager of an Auping Brand Store. He has been working in the furniture industry for 30 years, moving between furniture design and sleep solutions. For many years, he was responsible for sales management and practical work with ergonomically individualisable sleep systems for the end customer, as well as questions of optimised body positioning, also taking into account possible clinical pictures. One of his current goals is to further develop the bedroom as a living space experience and, together with Auping, to take a path that goes beyond the previous approaches of beds and mattress distribution.

4:15 — 5:00 PM
January 7 '20

Panel discussion about "Sleep is more than just a bed"

Don't oversleep: "Sleeping in the digital change"

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