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Karen Löhnert

Karen Löhnert is founder and managing director of sleeperoo GmbH. After a career in the tourism and accommodation industry, she founded her own company in 2017. sleeperoo - Die Nacht, der Ort und Du is a provider of sustainable pop-up adventure nights at special locations. The young company from Hamburg is operator of the futuristic looking Design|sleep Cubes, which are exclusively placed at indoor or outdoor locations in nature and culture, where you normally can't spend the night. In the meantime, there are almost 50 spots in Germany where you can practice "the climate-friendly little exit from everyday life in between" - from the pier to the night in the museum. The offer was nominated in 2018 for the German Tourism Award and the German Innovation Award, and there is now an international demand to establish the concept in various countries.  Places and tourist regions profit from the concept by getting a marketing tool that puts places in a completely new light, serves the instagram factor and provides storytelling occasions. 

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