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Dr. Subhas Ghosh


College of Engineering and Technology
Eastern Michigan University

Dr. Ghosh earned a Ph.D. from Manchester University. Prior to joining Eastern Michigan University, he was a Distinguished Professor and Director of Research at the Institute of Textile Technology, Charlottesville, VA. He has also served as a visiting Professor at the University of Virginia. He has conducted research on a variety of subjects, ranging from thermo-regulating fabrics to bullet-proof composites.

Special Shows & Events Hall 4 Level 2, C70 ENG Special Shows & Events
10:30 — 11:00 AM
January 8 '20

Award Ceremony: DNFI Innovation in Natural Fibres Award 2019

Debasish Das and Subhas Ghosh Win 2019 Award:“Biodegradable Weather-Resistant Cotton-Jute Fabric can replace non-biodegradable PVC-Coated Polyester”

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